April 2016

Dr Peter Rudge and Mrs Sian Davies were reelected as Church Wardens. The Church Council (PCC) was reelected with the addition of Nick Bird.

The state of finances was reasonable with income matching expenditure. The congregation was thanked for their support in this respect. The state of the buildings needs constant attention and this has been maintained in the last year.

The Vicar, Fr John, spoke about it being an interesting year for the Church as a whole. People of faith received a negative press and this in part was due to the activities of religious extremists and terrorists. He said that the vast majority of Muslims were peace loving people but unfortunately it was always the extremists who set the agenda.
He spoke about the C of E being a broad church which was its strength and weakness. In part this was due to it being a decentralize body in spite of having a hierarchy of bishops. He spoke about it being a national church whose role was to serve everyone in its parishes and to be physically present across the whole country. It was here to serve all people be they worshippers or not.

He spoke about the present. Statistics from the last census showed an increasing number of people from others faiths and no faith at all. This expressed itself in relatively fewer baptisms and weddings taking place in church.

He said that there appeared to be few signs of a religious revival taking place but the Church has always been concerned with the long haul however it needs to address the challenges confronting it in the 21st century. He spoke too about the new Bishop and Archdeacon and was of the opinion that they would be more proactive with high expectations. He spoke about the assets of the church building and the necessity of maximizing what we already have. Pubs, Libraries, Halls, Post Of ces and shops close because they are not used by local communities, this must not happen to the Church.

Buildings matter so too does a sense of community. In many respects we’ve got to adapt and the church has been doing this for two thousand years. We have to be willing to change in order to advance the Kingdom of God. Church buildings were not just for services and sacraments but should reflect the world which is the greater sacrament of God’s presence.

The new Bishop is due to deliver his insights in July and it is the task of every church community to seek answers. Coming down to every day matters he thanked all those who supported All Saints in every aspect of its life. He also thanked those present for their support and prayers and looked forward to

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