Bishop Rob will be visiting All Saints on the 5th of May to preside and preach at our 10am service, during which he will be conducting a confirmation.

Confirmation is a service where somebody of an age of decision chooses to make their baptismal vows for themselves and is confirmed in this act by receiving the laying on of hands from a bishop who prays for the Holy Spirit to strengthen them to live God’s way for the rest of their life. If an individual was baptised as a child it is an opportunity for them to claim the commitment made on their behalf. If somebody is not baptised they will be baptised as part of the service of confirmation.

Because it is about an individual making this commitment for themselves we ask that they be around 10 years old or above (in year 5 or 6 at school). Though many adults also come forward for confirmation.

If you are interested in confirmation, please speak to Robin who will ask you to complete an application form. A course for young people being confirmed will begin by the end of February. A separate course will be run for adults wishing to be confirmed.