Services at All Saints'

We have our roots in the Catholic traditions of the Church of England, but our worship is contemporary and engaging. Today’s service is designed to help us celebrate life, to comfort us where we hurt, and to challenge us where we have grown complacent.

Come as you are and find a relaxed service that is both transcendent and grounded in our live


Our Services are inclusive – all are welcome to join in and be a part of our community – even if you aren’t yet sure what it is about. Our main service, the Eucharist, is also called ‘Holy Communion’ it is how we come together as a community and are sanctified – made holy – by God.

Forgiven and Reconciled

We believe that Jesus comes to be with us to enable us to be reconciled to God. One of the hardest things we can do is admit our mistakes, another is accepting somebody’s apology. Part of our worship is specifically about letting that weight of guilt be lifted from our shoulders as we try to make peace with God and one another.

Listening and Learning

Our Service includes time to listen to the scripture – in which we hear about God’s relationship with the world and, crucially, about the good news of God choosing to become one of us in the incarnation of Jesus. In this we relate our faith to our actual lives as we reflect on how we respond to God’s call to each of us and then we pray for God’s help for us, for the world, and for all those in need.

The Eucharist

Central to our services is the Eucharist or the Great Thanksgiving where we give thanks all that God has given us and particularly the gift of Jesus and his sacrifice as expressed in the last supper which Jesus commands us to repeat.

Sending Out

Finally we are sent out with God’s blessing, carrying the light of God into the world. Our worship equips and strengthens us to follow Christ as we serve God.