Mission Action Plan

All Saints, at the centre of Child’s Hill, 
is where the love of God is encountered in Jesus Christ.

Worshipping God
Growing in Faith
Showing Compassion
Transforming Child’s Hill

Vision from 2017

All Saints’, being part of the Church of England, is here to serve all parishioners regardless of their beliefs. It is a visible presence not just for the few but the many. We are here to promote the Trinitarian faith of one God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit. We do this mindful of the historic traditions of the Church whilst attempting to interpret such a faith in terms of the contemporary world in which we live.
At All Saints’, we believe that our Church should be friendly, welcoming and that its message should be one of openness and forgiveness. We aim to:

  • Share God’s love and proclaim Jesus Christ as Lord, through worship, pastoral care and outreach.
  • Build a welcoming, friendly and inclusive community.
  • Actively encourage young people into our Church.

Diocese of London 
2030 Vision

For Every Londoner to Encounter the Love of God in Jesus Christ.


Confident Disciples
Compassionate Communities
Creative Growth


Growing Younger
Safer churches
Striving for Racial Justice

Mission Planning

Each of the areas of the MAP has a number of proposed tasks relating to the objective grouped under headings. Each of the tasks are clear measurable activities and have been given rough timescales.

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Worshipping God

Develop and augment worship

Involve young people in our worship

Teaching around worship

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Growing in Faith

Diversify our teaching and preaching

Improve Christian teaching for Children and Young People

Organise Away days/retreats

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Showing Compassion

Improve Pastoral care

Develop Children’s work

Support Youth in the parish

Taking Environmental responsibility

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Transforming Childs Hill

Build identity of Child’s Hill

Develop Social & community events

Provide opportunities to build community and generate networks of support to tackle local needs

Provide Public Space for the community

Developing Resources

To achieve our objectives we will need to focus on developing our resources in the following ways.

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Developing People

Develop, train and provide supervision to members of the Congregation.

Recruit a Director of Music

Recruit a part-time Youth Worker

Recruit a Parish Assistant

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Developing Partnerships

Partnerships with local churches

Partnerships with churches elsewhere

Partnerships with other organisations working locally and nationally to support people

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Creating Space

Creating space within the building that can be used for the community by

improving our existing space to provide better hospitality

provide loos for visitors using the church building

provide better office space for a Parish administrator

Improve church fabric to augment workshop

The next steps

To read the full vision document click on the button below. There you will find more of the background and the individual tasks we are aiming to complete. Already a number have been put into action, some are ongoing and some we are looking forward to being able to complete them. The PCC regularly reviews the Mission Action Plan to focus our activities on what we can achieve.