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Parish Church of All Saints, Church Walk, Child’s Hill

Christmas Karaoke

Sunday, 11th December 2016

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The Church is in a serenely rural setting being on Church Walk, which is in itself bounded by a triangle of three major roads. It is located behind the All Saints’ School in Cricklewood Lane and has a flat roof and no spire. A single bell is rung before all principle services.

The Church is open for prayer everyday, apart from Mondays, and it serves the Parish of Child’s Hill, which is northwest of Hampstead. The Interior is simple and uncluttered having been rebuilt after a fire devastated it on midsummer’s day 1939, which was the eve of the blitz. Whereas the old Church was very Victorian the present building has a sense of modernity, which we take for granted today.

In terms of tradition we are firmly in the High Church wing of the Church of England. Having said that the Church does not live in the past and can be described as contemporary in terms of outlook. The main service on Sunday is the Parish Communion at 10am and we trust that our worship is accessible to all who attend. Hopefully we blend simple ceremonial with a sense that the Gospel is preached in relevant terms to the congregation. The congregation is mixed both ethnically and socially, which mirrors the community here in Child’s Hill. There is also a Sunday School for children, which takes place in the adjoining Church hall.

I believe that in worshipping at All Saints you will find not only a sense of God’s presence but also friendship with others. We have a full range of social activities from bingo to quizzes to an annual fayre and a lot more too.These are advertised on the notice board inside the Church All are welcome to All Saints, both young and old alike. If you are new to the Church please make yourself known to me.

Fr John Wainwright, Vicar

Sunday Worship

8am Holy Communion
10am Parish Communion

Sunday School

Every Sunday at 10am in Church Hall (not during school holidays). The children’s activities take place in the Church hall and then they join the Church Service for a blessing. Under 3-years-olds must be accompanied.

All Saints’ Church is open for prayer and is a place for quiet reflection every day apart from Monday. 

If you would like to have your child Baptised (Christened) or have a Service of Thanksgiving for their birth, please contact the Vicar


Social events

James Bond Theme Dance

Austin Martins, Shaken Not Stirred, Tuxedo’s, Miss Money Penny & Pussy Galore it can only be Mr Bond, All Saints Church will be having a James Bond Theme Dance on Saturday, 12th November come dress in your favourite Bond character. I'll be expecting you. Dance...

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Christmas Karaoke

An informal start to the festive season - in Church – sing your favourite Carol or Christmas song or just listen to others whilst having wine and nibbles Sunday, 11th December 2016 Begins at 5pm to 7pm

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The Vicar Writes…

June 2016

Nothing seems to stay the same even at funerals. In recent years the most popular hymn is “All Things Bright and Beautiful” It’s a well known hymn and easy to sing; it also reflects the innocence of childhood and the beauty of creation which is God’s gift to us all. This spring has been an outstanding one and the words of Robert Graves who wrote about “trees dressing themselves up in green” have resounded in my mind.

Presently London is experiencing a building boom of mammoth proportions and this has led to countless blocks of fats (apartments as they are now called) being erected.

I realise that what constitutes good taste is a matter of opinion but some buildings are already looking shabby within a year of being built. The only merits some of them have are in fact their names which give you a good feeling until you see the buildings. The interiors are often reasonable but it is the outsides that are lacking, urine coloured balconies as an example. It is getting to the point where even graffiti enhances and gives character to such minimalistic structures.

The Victorians who lived in grim times were always concerned about the looks of large buildings, at the very least making them interesting. Today in a world which extols beauty we are letting the opposite happen. Our task and that of developers too is to enhance and add to the beauty of creation – the greatest art show in the world as opposed to spoiling it. Hopefully the words “All things bright and beautiful” will continue to be sung in years to come

Many blessings,
John Wainwright

Easter 2016

Sometimes I take my dog for a walk around a cemetery and I find the juxtaposition of life and death intriguing. People’s lives are literally laid out and a sentence or two is devoted to a description of their character. ‘She was a good mother missed by all’ is such an example. Also people’s beliefs and hopes are stated often with a quote from the Bible.

What is also interesting is the relatively young age that people died one hundred years ago. Easter is associated with Christ’s resurrection from the dead and the hope that we will share in it when we die but this is only part of its meaning.

For the apostles and believers the resurrection was also about the present and how they and we are called to live lives to the glory of God. This in itself is a huge challenge since humans, including ourselves, are far from perfect. The experience down the ages from the first Easter day is that the risen Christ walks by our side as we make our journey through life. This is both reassuring and challenging at the same time. So the acclamation ‘Christ is Risen’ echoes the beliefs of our ancestors and our own as well.

Happy Easter.
John Wainwright

Child’s Hill Community

Christmas Market

Get your Christmas shopping all wrapped up, while enjoying some festive fun on Sunday, 20th November 2016 at the All saints Christmas Fayre

Doors open 11:30pm till 3pm

Notes from the Annual General Meeting

April 2016

Dr Peter Rudge and Mrs Sian Davies were reelected as Church Wardens. The Church Council (PCC) was reelected with the addition of Nick Bird.

The state of finances was reasonable with income matching expenditure. The congregation was thanked for their support in this respect. The state of the buildings needs constant attention and this has been maintained in the last year.

The Vicar, Fr John, spoke about it being an interesting year for the Church as a whole. People of faith received a negative press and this in part was due to the activities of religious extremists and terrorists. He said that the vast majority of Muslims were peace loving people but unfortunately it was always the extremists who set the agenda.
He spoke about the C of E being a broad church which was its strength and weakness. In part this was due to it being a decentralize body in spite of having a hierarchy of bishops. He spoke about it being a national church whose role was to serve everyone in its parishes and to be physically present across the whole country. It was here to serve all people be they worshippers or not.

He spoke about the present. Statistics from the last census showed an increasing number of people from others faiths and no faith at all. This expressed itself in relatively fewer baptisms and weddings taking place in church.

He said that there appeared to be few signs of a religious revival taking place but the Church has always been concerned with the long haul however it needs to address the challenges confronting it in the 21st century. He spoke too about the new Bishop and Archdeacon and was of the opinion that they would be more proactive with high expectations. He spoke about the assets of the church building and the necessity of maximizing what we already have. Pubs, Libraries, Halls, Post Of ces and shops close because they are not used by local communities, this must not happen to the Church.

Buildings matter so too does a sense of community. In many respects we’ve got to adapt and the church has been doing this for two thousand years. We have to be willing to change in order to advance the Kingdom of God. Church buildings were not just for services and sacraments but should reflect the world which is the greater sacrament of God’s presence.

The new Bishop is due to deliver his insights in July and it is the task of every church community to seek answers. Coming down to every day matters he thanked all those who supported All Saints in every aspect of its life. He also thanked those present for their support and prayers and looked forward to

Church Walk House

The application to demolish the House and erect 5 houses and 38 flats has been turned down by the LB Barnet’s Planning Committee. This is the second application to be rejected. If nothing else it shows the fairness of the planning process, so far.

But the proposed large development of 132 new homes on the green space on the Granville Estate (rejected last year by Barnet Council) has been appealed by the developer and goes to Public Inquiry on June 28th. None of these homes are for social housing. To help stop them winning this appeal and to keep our green spaces please log on to the government supported Crowd Funding site for legal fees and pledge even a small sum.

More than £2,700 has been raised to date but the target is £5,000 to pay the legal team. The Crowd Fund closes in 16 days so please hurry. Alternatively put a pledge in an envelope headed Granville inquiry with you name and contact details and give it to Fr. Wainwright


If you would like to have your child Baptised (Christened) or have a Service of Thanksgiving for their birth

Please contact
The Reverend John Wainwright
TEL 020 7435 3182

All Saints' CE Primary School

Phil Taylor
All Saints’ CofE Primary School
Cricklewood Lane
Childs Hill, London, NW2 2TH

Tel: (020) 8455 9091

Books on sale

There is a comprehensive selection of books on sale at the back of the Church!
Both hard and paper backed books cost 50p.

Helps Church Funds.

How to find us

All Saints Church Child’s Hill

From Golders Green take the 82, 13 or 328 along Finchley Road get off bus at Church Walk, cross the road and walk down Church Walk.

From Cricklewood take the 245, 260 or 460 towards Golders Green/North Finchley. Get off the bus at Lyndale Avenue, cross road and walk up Lyndale Avenue, Church Walk is first turning on the left.

Nearest underground station is Golders Green (Northern Line) or Willesden Green (Jubilee Line)

Take Northern Line to Golders Green and follow directions by bus from Golders Green.

Take Jubilee Line to Willesden Green and catch 260 or 460 towards Golders Green/North Finchley. Follow direction by bus from Cricklewood.

By Train
Nearest Main Line station is Cricklewood, then follow directions by bus from Cricklewood.